Parts Tracker Minor Update v4.0.2 Released

Parts Tracker minor update v4.0.2 has been released.

Click to download here.

New Enhancements

  • The Parts Tracker login screen now uses a list of users rather than a textbox for username. This makes it easier to select a user. Note that you can still type in a name (and it auto-matches on key presses). A further enhancement a little down the track will replace the Login dialog with buttons (a la Windows).
  • Current Stock report now includes separate total for the value of used parts (separate to ‘new’ parts).
  • The Current Stock Export to Excel now includes a separate money value for used parts (separate to ‘new’ parts), plus a total of both.


  • The Report toolbar has been modified to ensure the Send Email function is available (behaviour was inconsistent in different versions of Office). Export to Excel and Word options (in addition to PDF) have also been added as these are often useful.
  • Right-click menu in Parts list screen was not working (meaning it was not possible to sort or filter the list) in Office XP.
  • The sort order in the Parts List was not saving (resetting to default order every time the screen was opened). It is now saved.
  • The Part Shortage report and Parts Suggestions list now takes into account the “Used” part stock quantity when working out the shortage.
  • Fixed ribbon for Office 2010.
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