Parts Tracker minor update v4.0.6 released

Parts Tracker minor update v4.0.6 has been released.

Click to download here.

New Enhancements

  • You can now export the weekly trouble calls directly to an Excel spreadsheet (with a similar layout to the Weekly Trouble Call report print out).
  • There is now an “Add to Order” button in the Stock Card window allowing you to add the selected part to the currently open order, or to the order reminders list (works the same as the Add to Order button in the Part window).
  • When a task is completed, a popup window is displayed asking for the user and optional comment. This selection defaults to the currently logged in user. This doesn’t change who is logged in, but records the user as completing the task. This allows you to record tasks against multiple users without having to log in and out.
  • The stock card window now lists part transactions in reverse order (so that the latest entries are at the top). This makes it easier to read when there are many entries. You can click the checkbox at the top of the list if you want to reverse this order.
  • When tasks are completed, a comment is now requested. This is optional and is copied to the event log if an event type is selected for the task. This applies to ad hoc tasks as well as scheduled shift tasks.
  • The Equipment list now has an option to filter by Equipment type.


  • When a task is created for one lane (by leaving To Lane blank), an event was not being logged. Now fixed.
  • Trouble call week 1 was reporting incorrectly (into week 1 of prior year) when configured with week 1 defined as containing 1st of the year and years configured as labelled by year end.
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